I’m very excited to launch the podcast, but I’d love your input or participation!

Do you know someone who enjoys some sort of movement or exercise to help mitigate stress or cope with mental health challenges?

I’m looking for guests!

A viable guest is anyone who is willing to have a 20-30-minute conversation with me via Skype or phone about how they use some form of physical activity, sport, or movement to cope with emotional and mental health challenges. These challenges can encompass any sort of difficulty (stress, anxiety, depression, trauma, loss, grief, diagnosed mental or physical disorder or condition, pain, etc.).

In sharing their story, guests have the opportunity to positively influence the lives of others, providing ideas, inspiration, companionship, and breaking down barriers that make us feel “alone” in our struggles.

Interviews are relaxed and fun (plus, you’ll sound like an eloquent pro compared to my less-practiced verbal and social skills)!

Suggest a Guest!